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Jun 27

A missing tooth or teeth is no laughing matter. While missing teeth can ruin a beautiful smile, it can also cause other issues like shifting and leave your other teeth more vulnerable to conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease. Fortunately, at Magnolia Park Dental, Dr. Brady Camp and his team can provide you […]

Jun 27

There are a lot of things you can forget about a person, such as the color of their eyes and the shape of their nose, among other features. But, if there is one thing you will always remember, it’s their smile. A bright, white smile sticks in your mind like nothing else. Perhaps you’re here […]

Dec 11

We are excited to provide high-quality dental care to you and your loved ones in Coppell, Texas. Our clientele spans from children to adults, and we genuinely enjoy serving patients of all ages. At Magnolia Park Dental, compassion and honesty come first every time. We’ll never recommend anything we won’t recommend to our own family. […]

Jul 27

Welcome to Magnolia Park Dental, where we only focus on one thing: You! Led by Dr. Brady Camp, our office values relationships. Our patients become like extended members of our own families. We always want you to feel in the right place, regardless of race, status, or age. We treat everyone like the family they […]

Aug 30

You have been using Invisalign as offered by Dr. Brady Camp and the team at Magnolia Park Dental in Coppell, Texas when suddenly you notice that your aligner has broken. You did not even realize this was a possibility! If this happens, the critical thing to remember is that there is no need to panic. […]

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