Root Canals

Dr. Brady Camp

Magnolia Park Dental

Go for root canals and continue to smile with your natural teeth!

There’s no need to fear root canal therapy anymore. At Magnolia Park Dental in Coppell, TX, this treatment is safe, gentle, and effective.

What is root canal therapy?

You may need it if the nerves in the canal of your tooth’s root get infected, inflamed, or damaged. The procedure involves exposing the canals to gently remove the affected root nerves and sealing the canals, leaving them healthy.

How root canal therapy helps you

This procedure removes the infection, saves natural teeth and roots, and eliminates pain and discomfort. Natural teeth are always better than artificial replacements.

Why choose us for your root canals

Root canals cause anxiety and fear in most people. Therefore, we take our time with each patient so they are comfortable and confident during the procedure. Our advanced technologies enable precise, predictable results, and we also use sedation where necessary.

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