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Dr. Brady Camp and our dedicated team at Magnolia Park Dental work hard to stay current with newly advanced and effective dental technologies. Our goal is to provide the wonderful people of Coppell and the surrounding area with an exceptional dental care experience. Part of our commitment to excellence includes cutting-edge technology like laser dentistry.


Different types of dental lasers are used depending on the treatment a patient needs. Dental lasers offer a fantastic alternative to traditional drilling and other tools. The precise lasers can help us comfortably and effectively remove problem areas of a tooth with no need for anesthetic.

Dental lasers are also quiet, removing the tension that a dentist drill can create. This recent technology uses pinpoint accuracy that will specifically address the exact area of concern without extensive or unnecessary effects to the tooth or the surrounding teeth.

Laser dentistry has elevated the precision and quality of dental care while making the entire process much more pleasant for the patient. Laser dentistry is truly a win-win.

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A dental laser is a fantastic tool, but the skill of the dentist holding the dental laser makes a huge difference. Dr. Brady Camp has invested the energy, time, and resources required to offer the highest level of dental care available with the use of laser dentistry.

He has the knowledge and experience to maximize your laser dentistry results, as well as the compassion and concern to explain the entire process to you, our patient. Our team can help you feel completely comfortable during the treatment.


Call us today at (972) 573-4600 and schedule a visit at Magnolia Park Dental so you can see what a difference laser dentistry makes to your routine dental care. We want you to be impressed with our practice and the fantastic team that cares for you. We look forward to meeting you!