Tooth-Colored Fillings in Coppell, TX

dr camp provides tooth colored fillings in coppell tx to residents of the area and surrounding communitiesWhen it comes to tooth-colored fillings, not all dental experiences are the same. The difference lies in both the actual quality of work and the filling material itself.

What’s Wrong With The Metal Fillings?

Dental filling materials have come along way over the last generation. We have recently discovered that the old stand by amalgam filling material has actually been linked to health issues, including mercury poison. Metal alloys used in fillings can eventually leak into the bloodstream, and heavy metal poisoning is not conducive to overall health!

The Natural-Looking Results

Dr. Brady Camp and our staff at Magnolia Park Dental strive to provide the best craftsmanship and the best materials to our patients, and that includes our routine fillings in our beautiful Coppell, TX office. We use only the finest materials, which today are tooth-colored composites that are extremely durable and match your teeth beautifully. Most people would not even be able to tell that you had a filling done.

If you have noticed the dark spots in people’s teeth, particularly the molars, you may have wondered what caused the discoloration. Often it is the result of the amalgam fillings we mentioned above. It’s hard not to notice large gray-black spots against the white background of a tooth. That’s one advantage in receiving tooth-colored fillings.

Take Care of Your Teeth

If you know that you need dental work and that dental work will include fillings, please consider Magnolia Park Dental and the tooth-colored fillings we offer. We will make sure the job is done right, and that you will be comfortable through the entire process.

You don’t need to worry about us blemishing or tainting your smile. We have an eye for detail and will make sure that your smile is not only healthy, but attractive as well.

Need Tooth Colored Fillings? Give Us A Call!

Call us today to schedule a visit. You will love how you are treated like family and will appreciate that you found Magnolia Park Dental in Coppell, TX. We will work hard to earn your patronage and trust and we will work even harder to keep it.